The ultimate demand forecasting solution

Optimize your inventory planning to perfection using your shoppers' journey!


An automated planning for any classification in real-time with Belle AI

Minimize your overstock and understock, while providing your buyers with a cutting-edge experience and real-time planning.

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Store-tailored Demand Forecasting
Unbiased Data Mining
New Revenue Streams
Plan down to the finest details
Creating a forecast for NEW items
Optimize & Grow Fast

Discover the balance between supply and demand

Behavior Analysis

We analyze your shoppers' behavior over time to better predict and control your inventory

Demand Forecasting

We provide a 97% more accurate demand planning by uncovering unclassified data.

Shopping Experience

We apply a Like-4-Like technology on items to better predict future shopping.

Data Accuracy Matters for Your Business

We provide a sleek and user-friendly UI/UX with detailed analytics resolutions that enables planners to make smart decisions. This will result in reduced overstock and out-of-stock errors by up to 97%.

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Pricing packages that fits all

Packages based on your needs


Plug&Play solution

Tackle over-production and inventory questions via AI

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Cross-lever analytics

Predict and minimize your out-of-stock

Planning and optimizing future inventory orders

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Forecast for NEW items and not just staples

Reduced over-production errors by 90%, Store-by-Store

Increasing revenues by up to 10%, Store-by-Store

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